If you’re wondering if it’s time to renew your gear, just stop it. Instead, take actions, because the new Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet is here and pre-orders are officially launched!

If you’re having a tough time making up your mind, here are a few facts that will help you make a decision:

  • The Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet is a renewed and improved version of its older and very popular Cookie G3 version. The new helmet is all about comfortability, customization and ergonomics;
  • Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet has a more traditional coverage profile but is lower at the rear compared to the earlier G3. This lower shell coupled with an external high-density foam area offers firm security while allowing the user in and out of the helmet easily;
  • Chin area is padded for even more softness and security;
  • There are more room for your ears and pockets for audible altimeters;
  • Integrated Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet Visor and slicker Side plates’ design make the helmet quitier;
  • The helmet is pre-marked for FlySight assembly.
  • Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet has almost endless customization opportunities with differently colored side plates, top plates and high-quality visors.

Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet has an integrated GoPro solution for a full-face helmet. The new Top Plate comes in three different shapes as a:

  • Standard Plate
  • Skid Protection Plate, that is made from heavy-duty nylon and intended for protecting your helmet when flying in the wind tunnel.
  • GoPro Roller Mount Utility Plate, that is also made from heavy-duty nylon and is intended to receive the GoPro roller mount and new camera cutaway system. Nylon utility skid plate and cutaway handle turns your G35 into a GoPro helmet solution. This GoPro mount works with the Cookie roller mount range and allows the user both emergency cutaway functionality as well as a lightning fast way to attach and remove your camera.

A plate area in the top of the shell allows the user to easily customize the helmet between standard, tunnel (anti-scratch) and utility/camera, and includes pre-mounted internals for Cookie’s patent pending camera release system.

Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet comes in standard sizes raging from X-Small to XX-Large.

Visor is universal, fitting to all helmet sizes.

Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet colors: Black, White, Red, Royal blue, Dark blue, Tactical green, Lime green, Charcoal.

Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet top plate colors: Black, White, Red, Royal blue, Dark blue, Electric blue, Tactical green, Lime green, Charcoal, Orange, Fluorescent Pink, Purple, Yellow

Packaged in the box you’ll receive, instruction manual, G35 helmet bag, one loop hex tool and, of course, Cookie G35 Skydiving Helmet itself.

Cookie G35 is not certified to the XPS-72-600 helmet standar