The VISO II+™ is a digital faced visual altimeter for skydivers who prefer a digital display. We improved on the Viso II™ by building a thicker case and lens to reduce the possibility of breaking or cracking under normal use. We also upgraded the processing speed, increasing the refresh rate of the screen, allowing for a wider viewing angle with less flickering.

  • Digital altimeter that displays altitude or vertical speed during your jump.
  • HD High Contrast LCD Screen.
  • 1mm Thicker, beefier case & 1mm thicker lens
  • Updated hardware components w/ a faster processor.
  • Wider LCD viewing angle.
  • Rugged rubberized coating.
  • Electroluminescent back light for night jumps.
  • Automatically calibrates to local elevation.
  • Logbook with playback of altitude/speed profile for the last jump.
  • Operational at sub-zero temperatures.
  • Stores up to 10 minutes of profile data for your last jump.
  • Records and displays jump information about the last 200 jumps including exit altitude, deployment altitude, freefall time, max speed in freefall and max speed under canopy.
  • Choice of display in feet or meters as well as MPH or KMH.
  • Comes with Velcro hand mount & NEW LB Altimeter Tool. Elastic Wrist mount sold separately.
  • Actual Dimensions: 55 x 40 x 13 mm (2.2” x 1.6” x 0.5”)
  • Weight: 34 g (1.1 oz) with batt.
  • LCD Area: 5 cm2 (0.8 square inch)